Note to Self


As I turned 37 on April the 22nd, there were so many reasons to be thankful for, and it was such a humbling experience to see everyone making  my day special for me. By this time, you also realize that those who want to stick around for you – will always do. Those who value your presence in their life, will remember your special day, with or without facebook!

A birthday is probably the best time of the year when you are reminded of this quote:

They say the most wonderful places in the world to be in are: In someone’s thoughts, In someone’s prayers and In someone’s heart. We are lucky if we manage to be in all three at the same time!

Do not ever let go of your friends and loved ones who keep you in all three places at the same time! That’s special – and special is rare.



When Terror Hits Home


Last evening, a group of friends in Manila were gathered together to bid a melodious farewell to two of their fellow colleagues, retiring and returning back to Pakistan.  Everyone swayed to Kabhi Alvida na Kehna and enjoying every moment of a camaraderie that living away from home connects you to.  When one of my friends shared the shocking news of attack on a dear friend, and colleague Raza Ahmad (aka Raza Rumi), it was as if a huge dampener has been put on everyone.  Only a night before I was sharing with Raza how we will all miss him here in Manila at this event, this news was beyond scary – it was as if terror hit home!

Allah is the best protector, Raza remained safe, but his guard was injured, and the poor driver, an innocent victim and sole bread earner of his family succumbed to injuries and passed away. He, like many others in Pakistan, died for no fault of his own.

How long will we continue to put up with this blatant injustice, the ‘unknown’ force that goes around shooting people of courage, because the truth they stand up for and speak against is not according to another school of thought.  We are not indifferent, you may say – as we go about living our own lives and doing our own things. I recently wrote about indifference, and how “….It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don’t stand a chance against it. It lets neglect and decay and monstrous injustice go unchecked. It doesn’t act, it allows. And that’s what gives it so much power.” 

I condemn this, and all the other innocent lives being killed by the dozen every other hour in Pakistan – not because this time terror hit too close for comfort – but because its about time remaining silent is akin to supporting the terrorists.  Neutrality – in any given situation always supports the oppressor, never the victim.

Stand up for justice, freedom, for your friends, family and countrymen! We are only given today. It is tomorrow which is not promised.  Life is too short – live it well!


Of passion and devotion

Great passion in life is a unique experience for each individual – others may not always appreciate or understand.  Some have a passion for art, others may have a passion for social service, some for politics.  It takes one to understand the other.  And mostly people criticize what they don’t understand!
So the lesson, dear readers, is to keep doing what keeps you going! Others will catch pace when they understand what the great miracle is all about.
A very happy woman’s day to everyone – which really should be every day of our lives. After all, womanhood is all about passion for life and unconditional love.




Indifference, defined by the dictionary as lack of interest, concern or sympathy. It also sounds like an awfully terrible thing to do – the kind of action we think we would walk away from, and never deem to be committed of doing! Or so we think…

Do you remember reading/watching Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen in your childhood? A story of how a boy, named Kai gets a splinter of the troll-mirror that makes him indifferent and cold in his heart. I am reminded of this quote from the same story: “Indifference… is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don’t stand a chance against it. It lets neglect and decay and monstrous injustice go unchecked. It doesn’t act, it allows. And that’s what gives it so much power.”

We are not indifferent, you may say – as we go about living our own lives and doing our own things. How many of us shrug off that friendly note from a friend/family because we just don’t have the time to respond to it – or better, we don’t want to engage! And so we ignore it, hoping to respond to it another time, and that time never comes. That’s indifference, at a small level.

Then there are days when we see injustice being met out – whether it’s a family feud, or two friends separated because of some misunderstanding, or worse, someone’s rights being trampled upon. We cannot stop them (because it is none of our business, you say), we cannot say anything to the person being unjust (because they are directly related to us, or that they know best, why should we interfere, whispers your inner critic), instead we just continue to live our lives as if nothing went wrong. That’s another kind of indifference. In such cases, especially – remaining silent is supporting oppression.

Come to the world affairs, and we hear/see/read of injustice in countries, our own country, our own people being killed in the name of war, religion, ethnicity and yet we go on, doing our own business, as usual. That’s indifference of a higher level altogether that allows ‘monstrous injustice’ to go unchecked, yet again. By not raising a voice to support the oppressed, we are sadly, being party to the oppressor.

I was watching the movie Frozen yesterday with my boys and the little troll grandpa, in the movie gave some sound advice. “The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded.”

And so I hope that we can all persuade our better senses to prevail, avoid indifference at all cost. It’s the small family units that add up to and affect the larger world we live in. Because as the movie reminds us, only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart. Even the little girl Gerda rescued the cold-hearted Kai with an act of sincere love.

I know with painful certainty that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. No matter how busy and crazy our schedules are, we must reach out and learn to see the sorrow behind someone’s smile, give people a second chance, maybe a third too. Learn to be fair, to the best of our abilities, hopefully our collective efforts in our own small units will snowball into a giant crusade against indifference of the world! I am all game! Are you?

When your life flashes before your eyes…


Facebook users must have seen their timelines full of the facebook flashback videos – I did too, except that I did not post mine. I figured it was more for myself than for anybody else (and I loved it).

And then it got me thinking – Gosh, this was last 6 years flashing before my eyes. I sincerely hope that when my entire life will be flashed before me, in the presence of the One, I really hope its a life worth watching! I believe in the Day of Judgement, as part of my religious beliefs, I also look forward to meeting my Allah, as promised. I just hope it is a meeting worth this life of patience, gratitude and a meeting where we receive His Mercy. I have no qualms in saying this – we have all been naughty at some point in our lives, this is all part of being a human, prone to error. I just hope, that in our ideas of fun and self-service, we have not hurt any other human being in this process. From what I know, God’s mercy is limited to His dues only, if we hurt another human being – thats between us and them!

I sincerely hope, that just before we end our lives in this world, we have all had the opportunity to repent, to make amends, to do more good, give more in charity, to tell everyone we care about that they are loved, and to tell Allah one more time how grateful we are for being blessed with a sound mind and body. It is just not worth being unkind to another human being – because when my life will flash before my eyes, I do not want to be known as someone responsible for bringing sadness in anybody’s life. And if all of us start thinking along these lines – wont this be a happier place to live in?