RIP Dina


What’s yours will find you, said Imam Ali. Sad that meeting Dina was never meant to be – despite a few attempts I made to reach out to her. Today I learn Dina passed away, at 98.

RIP Dina, daughter of your beloved Grey wolf. May you rest in eternal peace.

One day, I hope I collect all my thoughts and write about you and your mother. You two are sadly the neglected part of our history. Rest In Peace.


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  1. Shaista May she rest in peace but when I read about her death you were the first one that came to my mind for your true love and devotion in making Dina and her mother’ part of our history .

  2. I have always been fascinated by the thought of our beloved Quaid s wife and especially his daughter. Please do write more about them. People know nothing of these important persons close to Quaid e Azam.l have heard someone say that Dina was also born on the 14th of August, is it true?Eagerly awaiting more posts on this.Rest in peace Dina.

  3. RIP Dina Wadia Jinnah!

    Beautifully written! Dina and Ratan Bai deserve more mention in Pakistan’s history and in Jinnah’s biography. It is also sad, that over course of time Pakistani historians have some how opted to omit all the details of Jinnah’s family, his other siblings, his fore fathers and even the origin of family name Jinnah (The only people they have agreed to talk about is none other than Jinnah and Fatimah Jinnah). We would have known Jinnah family better, had it not been for our selective histories!!

  4. Beautifully expressed. Shaista keep writing…. waiting !! May God bless you more power & strength in your writing skills 💕

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