I live in Manila, Philippines –  but really my heart lies in Pakistan.  Between juggling two boys and bringing them up to be kind human beings, taking care of my home and family, a full-time job, extended family, and friends, I hardly find time to update this blog….. …Often refer to myself as the dhakka-start writer! I tend to write when something hits me really really hard! Not a good practice for a writer though – miles to go before I can even refer to myself as one! This blog is my space to write my thoughts, as and when they come. No pressure and no deadlines!

I work in the development sector and a humanitarian at heart. I love to read with a special interest in Islamic history.  Space fascinates me so I follow all possible NASA channels ever. I really should have been an astronaut! Who knows one day I might even catch a commercial flight to the moon and back! All saving advice for the future space walker welcome. Love gardening, a quiet stroll near the sea and a strong cup of coffee – not necessarily in this order.

I hope to write a book one day on the two most important and least mentioned women in Jinnah’s life – Ruttie Jinnah and Dina Wadia. As long as I remember, growing up in admiration of Jinnah, I have always been curious to know more about these two missing links in our history! Of late, I can also only wish to write another book on the life of Hazrat Khadija one day. Our Prophet’s first wife, and his great love. Not much has been written about her, and I would love to be able to do just that. Fingers crossed.

One of my favorite couplet, written by my maternal grand aunt:

Bujh Rahein Hain Chiragh Dair-o-Haram
Dil Jalao Ke Roshni Kam Hai.

(Temple and mosque lamps are going out
Let the heart burn to eschew darkness)

– Sahab Qizilbash (1930-2004)

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  1. The world we live in is chaotic but for me sanity is as follows: ” To me the only answer a woman can make to the destructive forces of the world is creation.
    And the most ecstatic form of creation is the creation of new life.”Jessi Bernard

  2. I read the beautiful verse of Sahab Qizilbash. She was a close friend of my mom. Do you have more of her poems. I have my mom’s facebook page Anjum Zia, a couplet poet. Please Let me know I want to put her poetry on that page. I have very fond memories of Sahab, her lovely eyes, her beautiful tinkering laughter. I played with her son often with my books and comics. Very fond memories of Sahab Qizalbash.

  3. Its amazing to read about those ppl who really care about the same mankind,although its complex & difficult but
    Deea jaley apnay lahoo say

    Roshan hua mera jahan
    Stay blessed 🙂

  4. Just read some of your blog posts, interesting n aspiring work.

    Now you might not be interested in what i’m about to offer but after reading your blog, i knew i had to ask.

    I’m a Pakistani based in London. Currently i’m looking for freelance bloggers who could contribute to our company blog.

    if interested to find more, would u pls email me back. even 1 article in 2 or 3 wks would be fine for us.
    amber khan

    • Thank you Amber that is very kind, and im glad people still read my blog although I hardly find time to update it! I shall take a rain check on your offer – maybe in another life time when I can actually focus on writing! It is indeed very close to my heart. Thanks again. Warm regards.

  5. Bujh Rahein Hain Chiragh Dair-o-Haram
    Dil Jalao Ke Roshni Kam Hai.

    dil jala ke jo ujala pheel chuka
    mata e jaan khoney ka phir kya gham hey

    na badal paon ga har bekas ki kismat ko
    apni bekasi ka yehi tu alam hey

    sab kuch luta ke b ansoo na tapkein ge
    kitna khamosh zindagi ka mataam hey

    chahrey ki mukrahat se yeh jaan jaye
    andaar koi tufan zer talatam hey

    kahan kahan sajdey krta hey beiman dil
    yeh jan ke b ke fakt wohi eek hakam hey

  6. Best of luck! But I must say you shall do it asap as time and tide wait for none. If you can accomplish this it will be a life time achievement. You must have done homework in this regard and are better positioned to do this than others.

  7. Philipines: a land of nature, water and hard work. I came to meet many philipinese ladies in Alkhobar. I found them hard working and dedicated. And felt like they have a prominent aesthetic sense, decorating and arranging every thing around.
    Loved your blog. Loved your love for Pakistan.

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