Ah, what if


I was in school earlier today, to read a book to my 6-year old and gathered every other child whose parent did not turn up.  I guess, a working parent would understand this situation and can empathize better! Also, because I cannot go every Wednesday, the scheduled time for book reading with parents.  Its always a special day, for both me and my son, when I do actually make it.

We read many books, as I read out each child’s favourite who gathered around the table, but the one I liked most was about Mr. Bear who wanted to dance with the moon.  Mr. Bear was afraid to ask, because the moon is ‘so special’.  The book then shows you how little Mr. Bird suggests to him to try.  After all, how would he know if he never tried!

Wasn’t that a nice reminder to start my day with! We want all the wonderful things to happen in our lives, but sometimes, the sheer wonder of our awe-inspiring dreams make us hesitant to even try.  ‘Too good to be true‘, we check our thoughts.  But as wise little Mr. Bird reminds us, we should always make an effort and take the first step.  How else would we know it will not work if we never try? Moral of the story: it works when you ask!



Far from the madding crowd


My dearest Pakistan

I may have been away for almost four years now, but my heart still lies in Pakistan.  While I may be far from the madding crowd, my mind is constantly on what is happening in my country. I too get worried when I see the political antics and since my sources are limited to the crazy media, and word of mouth, it probably makes it worse.

I shall only say this – to all those who love Pakistan.  It is not easy being a patriot in the given situation.  Patriotism, like I mentioned to a friend yesterday – is like your Great Love.  It is loony, crazy and totally confusing! Hang in there, do not lose yourself amidst the ongoing stampede of what you thought was your political ideology.  Politicians, like any other person, disappoint us.  Anybody you consider a ‘hero’ will disappoint you – with great expectations, comes greater disappointment.  We do not fail with mistakes, we only learn to make a better decision next time! In a chaos, holding onto yourself and your patriotism is difficult, and there is no quick fix to the solution.  But remember that things do fall back in their place in their own good time.  This too shall pass. I hope.  One day!


Burning Bridges


We often burn our bridges – seems like the best option, in addition to sounding so fancy.  There are so many problems with this one though.  Life is too short, there are only so many ways to cross (often times one-way, no way (!) or dead ends) and sometimes you do not even have much options to fall back on!

A bridge well-crossed gets better over time. It may not always be the easiest thing to do.  It may not always be your first or your best choice.

Do not burn your bridges, there was a reason why they were built in the first place.  Do not push through, knock down or walk over – you hurt both people as well as your reputation!


Book of Answers


My sister was telling me about her little daughter who recently got a book from a friend, and now every time she has a question, she refers to the book which she calls, ‘Book of Answers’.  Ah, to be a child once again! I wish I had a book like that too.

And then it got me thinking – as my 6-year old would have said it – Kya hota agar meray pass bhi Book of Answers hotee?  (‘What if I had a Book of Answers too’). It would have made our lives so much easier! Have a difficult decision to make, pls go to page 5, para 30.  Need to decide which road to take as you stand on a bumpy fork in life, open page 12, para 67. Don’t understand the entangled web life throws us into, please open page 84.

But perhaps the constant battle between how we choose a reaction to our destiny is what life is all about – to live our challenges, and to make our own decisions so we live our answers! Right or wrong, whatever decision we make – we live it! And perhaps this is why our life, the one with multiple answers to a given question is far more interesting than any other book we would have ever lived!

(I still dont mind having a Book of Answers though, dear God!)


and I learn, again…


Today was again one of those days – when I learnt (once again) from my children!

Of late we have started a regular family activity – the Maghrib prayer is one time of the day when me and my two boys will say our prayers together! This is my attempt to make them regular, and to see this as a fun, family activity, rather than a mundane activity I force upon them. We have our share of giggles right after, and it is my way of teaching them the importance of saying thank you to the One who gives us all the blessings.

Today, I must confess, I was lazy for my evening prayer.  My little efficient bunny, the six year old, of late has been eagerly trying to follow as many prayers as he can manage on his own (his independent prayers are just actions but I love him, mumbling and pretending to say the namaz like he does under my guidance).  So S ran to the little corner of my room, spread out his prayer mat and called me.  He didnt ‘remind’ me – he only said, can you please help me remember what I have to say? and thats when I heard myself say, ‘Hold on S, please call J also,I’m coming to join you give me a minute to get ready!’ The three of us prayed together, just like any other day. Alhamdolilah.

That got me thinking, (after I gave little S a big hug for being the star of the day), that if you surround yourself with positive energy – those very positive little influences floating around us in the form of our ‘routine’ help pick us up on days that life pulls us down.  I am thankful I had, among others, one positive energy that pulled me up today.  How many positive influencers do you have in your life? Today would be a good day to start!