Dear #Zoheb #Hassan


Dear Zoheb,

Listening to Coke Studio’s version of your song, Chehra, was a very painful experience! Not that one kept thinking of Nazia, but also what she might have said to you listening to all that noise! I assure you, I even listened to it for the second time.  I really do believe wholeheartedly in giving second chances.   Your original, was such a romantic soulful melody! It was all about Zoheb Hassan! The coke studio version is no where close! It is, dare I say, nothing but a lot of noise, and your own voice, seems to be coming from a distance far far away!  Maybe I did not like the new version because, like all your fans, I am so used to just Zoheb being the star of the show!

While I welcome your return to the screen, but pray dont ever do this again……ever! For the love of Nazia and Zoheb on which us 80s kids thrive! For the love of all the times we would all pray to get a chance to listen to your song every time ‘naghma‘ (song) break would flash on the only state-run television screen! We did not have online collections/recorded videos so if you remember we only lived on those moments of joy to see you both on the screen! and we LOVED your music!

For the love of my memories of Nazia and Zoheb (The only man I ever admitted to my father of liking), I now present to you the original Chehra – does it not drown out all the noise around you? I am now listening to it on repeat – such is the ill fate of all my favourite songs!

Enjoy and you’re welcome! 😉

Here is the link!




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