Book of Answers


My sister was telling me about her little daughter who recently got a book from a friend, and now every time she has a question, she refers to the book which she calls, ‘Book of Answers’.  Ah, to be a child once again! I wish I had a book like that too.

And then it got me thinking – as my 6-year old would have said it – Kya hota agar meray pass bhi Book of Answers hotee?  (‘What if I had a Book of Answers too’). It would have made our lives so much easier! Have a difficult decision to make, pls go to page 5, para 30.  Need to decide which road to take as you stand on a bumpy fork in life, open page 12, para 67. Don’t understand the entangled web life throws us into, please open page 84.

But perhaps the constant battle between how we choose a reaction to our destiny is what life is all about – to live our challenges, and to make our own decisions so we live our answers! Right or wrong, whatever decision we make – we live it! And perhaps this is why our life, the one with multiple answers to a given question is far more interesting than any other book we would have ever lived!

(I still dont mind having a Book of Answers though, dear God!)


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