and I learn, again…


Today was again one of those days – when I learnt (once again) from my children!

Of late we have started a regular family activity – the Maghrib prayer is one time of the day when me and my two boys will say our prayers together! This is my attempt to make them regular, and to see this as a fun, family activity, rather than a mundane activity I force upon them. We have our share of giggles right after, and it is my way of teaching them the importance of saying thank you to the One who gives us all the blessings.

Today, I must confess, I was lazy for my evening prayer.  My little efficient bunny, the six year old, of late has been eagerly trying to follow as many prayers as he can manage on his own (his independent prayers are just actions but I love him, mumbling and pretending to say the namaz like he does under my guidance).  So S ran to the little corner of my room, spread out his prayer mat and called me.  He didnt ‘remind’ me – he only said, can you please help me remember what I have to say? and thats when I heard myself say, ‘Hold on S, please call J also,I’m coming to join you give me a minute to get ready!’ The three of us prayed together, just like any other day. Alhamdolilah.

That got me thinking, (after I gave little S a big hug for being the star of the day), that if you surround yourself with positive energy – those very positive little influences floating around us in the form of our ‘routine’ help pick us up on days that life pulls us down.  I am thankful I had, among others, one positive energy that pulled me up today.  How many positive influencers do you have in your life? Today would be a good day to start!




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