When Terror Hits Home


Last evening, a group of friends in Manila were gathered together to bid a melodious farewell to two of their fellow colleagues, retiring and returning back to Pakistan.  Everyone swayed to Kabhi Alvida na Kehna and enjoying every moment of a camaraderie that living away from home connects you to.  When one of my friends shared the shocking news of attack on a dear friend, and colleague Raza Ahmad (aka Raza Rumi), it was as if a huge dampener has been put on everyone.  Only a night before I was sharing with Raza how we will all miss him here in Manila at this event, this news was beyond scary – it was as if terror hit home!

Allah is the best protector, Raza remained safe, but his guard was injured, and the poor driver, an innocent victim and sole bread earner of his family succumbed to injuries and passed away. He, like many others in Pakistan, died for no fault of his own.

How long will we continue to put up with this blatant injustice, the ‘unknown’ force that goes around shooting people of courage, because the truth they stand up for and speak against is not according to another school of thought.  We are not indifferent, you may say – as we go about living our own lives and doing our own things. I recently wrote about indifference, and how “….It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don’t stand a chance against it. It lets neglect and decay and monstrous injustice go unchecked. It doesn’t act, it allows. And that’s what gives it so much power.” 

I condemn this, and all the other innocent lives being killed by the dozen every other hour in Pakistan – not because this time terror hit too close for comfort – but because its about time remaining silent is akin to supporting the terrorists.  Neutrality – in any given situation always supports the oppressor, never the victim.

Stand up for justice, freedom, for your friends, family and countrymen! We are only given today. It is tomorrow which is not promised.  Life is too short – live it well!


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