What is human resilience? I watched this video via facebook timeline and it reminded me of so many reasons yet again to be thankful to God.  The girl in this video, who lost her leg but not her spirits and zest for life, defines human resilience.  As do all the people who are fighting some sort of battle each day – be it a medical condition, a loss of a loved one, or affected by any other calamity.  Human resilience seems to know no bounds! It can go as far as we push ourselves!

That is the thing about this mystery called life.  Glory in life, as Nelson Mandela said, lies not in rising – but in rising every time we fall! How simple, and yet so hard to follow ourselves.  As we grow in years, it is not that our life gets easier or any less forgiving.  It is just that with each lesson we learn, we become more resilient.

So there you go.  When we get entangled in the web of life, must remember that it is life after all. Don’t take it so seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways! Face the sun, and keep your head high! The world will smile back at you! You’ll see.

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