the juggling game


A mom is a busy person, period.

There are so many people expecting so many things at a given point in time.  Your husband needs your attention while your children always need your attention, energy, time, trouble shooting and disaster management skills! 😉 Your kitchen is another pit-hole that is always demanding attention! If you are lucky to have household support staff, they could be the best ones in market and still need your constant management skills, your alertness to resource management and your observation skills to keep tag of their work! Add the word ‘working’ to a mom – and you have to manage a full day of work’s worth in addition to all of the above.  Did i mention fulfilling one’s duty as a good daughter, daughter in law, extended relations, friends? etc etc. Any mom, is a superhero without a cape!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, as we juggle family, friends, work, home and other social obligations, sincerely hoping that we learn to do justice to all –  It’s okay to drop the plastic balls but I sincerely hope I don’t drop any of the glass balls! Our life has some plastic balls and some glass balls. Everyone has a different definition of what is a glass ball for them.  My family and home are my glass balls. And i sincerely hope that among all the balls I juggle – this is one glass ball I never drop.

So today, when I went to my son’s school to read a book to him, I read it out not only to him, but I also gathered two other kids whose parents were not able to come.  I feel for working parents as much as I feel for those kids! I noticed that my son was not just laughing on my jokes but also more so looking at his friends enjoying his mom’s antics.  This is one event I mostly manage to miss out because of some office commitment or the other – however, the smile on my five-year old’s face was enough to give me that extra skip in my walk as I entered late at work.  I am usually grumpy in the morning, but today I was all smiles.  Only because among all the other balls, I was able to juggle an extra ball today. It is probably these little moments that form a big part of our happiness index! And today, mine is way up there in the clouds! Alhamdolilah.

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