Baat Bun Jaay!


On August 13, in the year 2000, the fans of Pakistan’s first pop star brother-sister duo faced a major shock! The gorgeous singing sensation Nazia Hassan passed away – she was only 35.

For those of us growing up in Pakistan in the 80s – singing to Nazia and Zoheb was a lifestyle! Their videos were magical! (remember Zoheb’s Pyar ka Jaadoo anyone?) I was probably three back in 1980 when her famous ‘baat bun jaay‘ song was aired in the Indian movie Qurbaani and to date no family Karaoke is ever complete without me singing the Baat Bun Jaay song with my siblings 😉 Yes, I even do the sound effects (aaoooow!)

I remember staying up all night to wait for the first PTV interview of Nazia and Zoheb which was conducted by Anwer Maqsood sb, but was perhaps still young enough not to wait until 11 p.m. and dozed off! However, much to our relief (and combined duas) we were able to watch the repeat of the same interview next day! Yes my dears, Youtube/Vimeo were not even an option back then! And I remember when PTV would air those songs in between programs and ‘gaana’ would flash on the screen, in the three seconds before the actual song was aired, hands would go up in prayers to have the luxury of watching a Nazia/Zoheb song instead of any other! We would squeal and jump with happiness when it would really come true! 😉 Ah, those were the days…

This blog, is in the memory of the woman who gave us all fascinating songs we all still sing along to – the only Pakistani pop music which was and will remain very close to our hearts. Im sorry Zoheb, but my childhood crush on you aside, its just not the same watching you on screen without your beautiful singing partner! It was a wise decision afterall, Nazia-Zoheb music is just not complete without her!

Im sharing my current favourite Nazia Hassan song Teri Yaad – and I dedicate it to my readers (mostly in Pakistan and so yes its not a youtube link!).

May Nazia rest in peace and eternal love!





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