Today it has been exactly one year that my Daddi, my lovely Amma, passed away. I owe her a lot in my life – one of the most important lesson she taught us siblings was that of Namaz. A skill which you realize is your lifeline as you mature in years. There was a time when I would pray only when I had an exam or a big test coming up! But now, as I try and catchup with life while making sure I don’t let go of my daily communication with God, it is only now that I realize how thankful I am to the person who taught me all this! Especially since I find it very challenging to teach my sons the same. I now realize how much patience is required to impart a life skill and at the same time instilling love for doing so!

There was always a very fine balance – our Nani taught us the Quran while Daddi made sure the children pray on time. (I was mostly the lazy one and Amma would always tell me very lovingly how my younger sister is more regular and I should follow the same!). As we grew up we also witnessed a fine combination of Nani and Daddi being the best of friends! And Amma‘s unconditional love and preference for my mother, her only daughter in law ; something which many households are not accustomed to! Perhaps this is the main reason our family bond remains so strong!

My Amma was such a beautiful human being with great compassion for not just her family but also her extended family and friends! Her friend aunty Aabo would come and spend the night at our house and me and my dad would scheme that it would be so much fun if one could be a fly on the wall in their room! If we could somehow plant a secret recording device for posterity’s sake!!! It was such a delight watching her happily chatting away! Good times were they!

It’s hard to imagine my parent’s house without Amma but I’m sure she’s still praying for us all- wherever she is!

I miss my Amma, very much! The more I miss her, the more I try to emulate the values she instilled in us! This I guess is the best way to honor her memory! May she rest in peace and may she gains the highest level of Jannat in the Hereafter.

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  1. Though It has been a year since she passed away, it is still so difficult to come to terms with the fact that she is no more with us.

    She and Nana lived a life full of challenges. My she rest in peace, and pray for us from heaven, while at the same time enjoy seeing us and our next generation flourish.

  2. Today was a difficult day for me but I feel her around me and praying for my family. I feel her smiling face and loving eyes. Her love has given me the strength to live even witout her, something so painful even to think. May her soul rest in peace.


  3. Nanee amma was a great human and par excellence Momina. Best example of best practices. Her final rest place is Janat ul Firdous (Khuld e Bareen —The Highest Level).

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