Of Valentines, Mermen and Flying Horses!


Come February the 14th and all the media – social and electronic – starts a buzz with the nauseating hearts and declaration of love. A lot of Rumi quotations fly in the air, flower prices go sky rocketry and Facebook status updates become amusing!

Some critics post anti V-day passages upon passages (which still means they spend energy and time thinking about the day!) while some husband / wife/ fiancés / lovers / ex-lovers race on who has the better poem/quote to capture the day or who can instagram an ‘awwww’ out of the very critic!

I have certainly metamorphosed into a non-believer in the very fluff celebrated as the red- heart-shaped character that drives the world insane! Or maybe because at 35 you have learnt that aur bhi dukh hein zamanay mein Mohabbat Kay siwa!

My two year old niece, who is my heart and soul, has reminded me yet again about the Law of Confessions (I just made it up). Every time I would call aloud  ‘Z I love you!’ she would reply back with a mischievous twinkle in her eye ”I no love you!’. She goes around declaring her love to everybody in the room and when I would call her to me she giggles and says ‘I no love Taita’ .  When you love them and declare your love to them – they drive you crazy, because they know they can!!

In a world of instant access but distant relations, information over dose and lack of attention as we tab browse our way through life – February 14 too will pass as just another day!


I would still like to believe that one doesn’t need a dedicated day to tell the other person how you really feel about them! My Law of Confession notwithstanding, if you are lucky to have found The One, remember that they are all like quicksilver in the hand –  you keep your fingers open and they stay, you clutch and they dart away!


This picture was taken at a lake side, on a quiet evening. 17 January 2013.

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  1. I have been miss non believer for a long time but with such a short life i have now started cherishing every day that brings any celebration in our lives. I want to love and be loved every day and if there is a dedicated day then i want extra special attention on that day 🙂 am just greedy for love and happiness. The “I no love you Taita” example is adorable.

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