The silent helping hand…


Today was just another reminder that this world is one big returning boomerang – you help others, only to find others helping you out too!

Every time I have helped anybody in my life, and unfortunately I cannot claim to have a lot in my count, I always made a silent prayer to be returned the same kindness by God when I am in need! And today, I saw the power of your work being taken care of by a silent hand – things getting done on their own accord – and all you have to do is stand and watch and be amused at this one amazing returning boomerang of life!

I have seen the attached picture as the original hanging impressively in the UN headquarters building.  I bought this post card at the bookshop only to be reminded of the awe it inspires in you.  And this post could not be a better place to share it with all.

Small advice but can create big marvels if all of us start to pay heed to this – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”…..




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