I heart twitter no more…


Shaista Hussain, Islamabad…Tweeting since 30 June 2009 and now have lost track of why I joined twitter in the first place! Yes Sire, I too, have reached the tipping point that comes in the life of any new social networking site.  I am b-o-r-e-d and I heart twitter no more…

Twitter has increasingly become an I-can-rant-all-I-like place even if people are having a bad day and especially when people are having a bad day! There is far too much information stream and that’s primarily one’s own fault because hey, we can always ‘unfollow’ anybody we do not agree with.  I find this blogpost by Seth Simonds most amusing: Why I unfollowed 45,000 people on twitter!

In the Pakistani twitter space or atleast the people I am currently following, there is way too much people bashing and especially politician bashing for my taste.  Tweeples of Pakistan, what is the matter with us? Why can we not positively use having people like Imran Khan, Pervaiz Musharaf, Marvi Memon and other prominent politicians as an opportunity to engage with them in a healthy manner, bring out issues instead of verbal abuse? And here, I am not debating which ones operate their own twitter accounts! I think it is such a positive step that our politicians are increasingly becoming social media savvy and we should use it for positive change and healthy debates and bringing out the issues to the forefront instead of what I find a disgusting attention seeking behaviour – verbal abuse.  Let’s leave that to certain primetime mainstream media shows now shall we? With the increasing number of prominent politicians joining the new social order, imagine the possibilities of connecting a common citizen directly with the elected leaders!

A while ago, I was sharing my annoyance with twitter with fellow tweeples and friends, Awab, Sana and Faisal and we all agreed how much negative information stream can be such headache inducing! It is about time we review our list of people we follow, ‘clean out’ certain tweets from our lives for good and just follow like-minded people. And perhaps that was why I joined twitter in the first place.

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    • Doc this is hilarious! Twitter Guantanamo indeed!! and no, i am not giving up on my twitter account… just yet 🙂

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  2. This is due to the a large number of people joining Twitter from Pakistan. Before we thought we were too few, now many are coming… but remember Shaista, most of them lose their interest when they dont find any one of their own taste. Even I thought it several times. I even close my RumaisaMohani account because of some problematic creatures, then I felt there was a need for us to stay there… We have to keep a space for #PAKISTAN on Twitter, and it should not be left for only TWITERRORISTS only 🙂

    • LOL…I am loving the new vocabulary…first TwitterGuantanamo and now Twiterrorists! 🙂 And yes Rumaisa, we must continue with your #GoGreen campaign for #Pakistan!

  3. Hmm – SJ – your blog post had me digging around trying to figure out whose the most talkative and heres what I found

    Salman Jafri has tweeted 131,000 times
    Marvi Sirmed has tweeted 16,000 times
    Faisal K – 12,800 times
    Sana – 10800 times
    Abidi Factor 10300 times
    Jamal – 9500 times
    Jehan Ara 9400 times
    Awab Alvi 8600 times
    Abid Beli 4500 times
    Rabia Garib 3900 times
    SJ – 2600 times

    I actually thought I was higher then the ranking 😉 I probably am, but I took a swipe at a few names I remembered and here is what I found out 😉

  4. Twitter allows you to stay within and out of your bubble 🙂 I think its the next best way of communication for Pakistan, and not everyone is a twiterrorist, but may have conflicting opinions, which you may not like. But after all its excess knowledge 🙂

  5. Wow i talk a lot on twitter :p

    12800….wow.. lol had no idea

    twitter or any other social media tool is what you mkae off it i.e how you use it, get ready cuz F?k just switched back on :p

  6. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  7. Negativity is contagious … so better to sever ties with nay sayers, so better to “unfollow” those and follow the ‘right’ people, i.e., TWEETOPOSITIVES!

    Having said that, I am also struggling to find such people, both on Twitter & even in real life … and in the meantime am enjoying the new vocabulary in the making!

  8. I agree with the stress of overwhelming information, which mostly is not related to our taste and it often does not make us happy. I think creating lists and groups both in Facebook and Twitter is actually to help us filter the people we are interested in and read them only. More also we should not keep checking updates all the time and once in a day or twice if we check updates and make a few posts/replies is good.

    However it all depends on what do you want to do with your social media account, for example like us, we are an org and we want to post updates, and network with other Pakistanis.

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