All in a Day’s Block


I am ‘informed’ through reliable sources that if I do not update my blog often enough, I might get labelled as the ‘one who has surrendered her pen’ and lose all my visitors (who currently consist of my generous family and cousins and friends only)! But hey, where are the advocates for work-life-blog balance?? Given that the year end is taking 90% of my energies at work, yearend is also taking up the remaining 10% of my energies left for family get togethers in the evenings… when and where do I find the time to blog? 

Shh…you are not supposed to say that, glares a friend.  Ah ok, so what should I write about? You are supposed to write a daily journal, of whatever you are up to, points another. Okay, but then who would be interested to know my work details, or the fact that I am remote controlling kids schedules and home through my trusted cell phone or that I shift gears as soon as I enter the home in the evening.  Why would anyone want to know that solving and teaching class 2 maths homework post 6 p.m. can at times be more challenging than working out peace and development initiatives in the north west frontier?

‘Write a blog about your observations from what you see around you’, suggests my wise li’l sister whose opinion I listen to, unfailingly.  ‘Walk around with a blogger’s eye’, suggests another.  Yes, I plan to do that, as soon as I take my mind off the million assignments that are running through my mind at the same time.  Fingers crossed. 

 I always wanted to write about my most amazing ability to get along with people, of all shapes and sizes, and in the worst of all situations.  I could give a diplomacy 101 to all the others out there, waiting to be beamed up into the big bad world out there.  But then I could be the future Under Secretary General of Ice-breaking, a post that would be sanctioned only for me to honour my abilities, and that perhaps would be a better time to write my memoirs. 

 A friend suggested this morning that I should simply put up a picture of my work table to state through a photo-blog why I have not been writing.  How cool is that for an idea, but then just before my son went to bed, he gave me a sketch that he made just before hopping onto bed and it totally melted my heart.  How can any picture be better than this one, he thinks I am a super mom.  Someone who is juggling to carry his baby brother (rather a baby brother who is dangling to her foot! Haha!), her laptop (inseparable) and cupcakes that me and my son make on certain saner weekends, all at the same time.  Aww.  I am warmed to the core.  The fact that he has misspelled my name can be taken up tomorrow during homework time! And that’s a story for another day….

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  1. Jaree drew a picture that is worth a thousand words.. 506 to be exact. It would be interesting to see how he would depict his dad who I am sure is as overworked.

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  3. You are a Super Mom and super many others. I’m a great fan of you and your stability… and yes diplomacy which i personally lack.

    Its amazing that your son admires you so much rather than resenting…. clearly shows how well you balance everything, even if it means missing out on your blog….. which falls below on your priority list.

    P.S. give me tips of teaching my amost 3-year old urdu 😦

  4. Jarree’s art work reflects his sensitivity and intelligence (impressive). I agree that one must pick up the pen and write something. It opens up the mind and perhaps steers us in the right course. Mom’s role is certainly commendable. I have always lots of praises for my wife also, who has to daily change more hats than I do in a more intelligent and befitting manner.

  5. I just stumbled on your blog, but hey, that’s a story of everybody. You are very natural! Life has become so demanding lately that it has become extreme;y difficult to keep up with your social network, family, travel and ever growing responsibilities at work! At moment than I wonder those at much higher levels with greater responsibilities would manage their lives! Great writing and I’ll be reading more. It was sad to hear about your cousin’s untimely death.

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