Thank you!


It has been a week of launching this blog and here is thanking you all for your kind visits ….there have been 500 views of this blog during the first week only and I find it hard to believe myself! I would not have believed this had the blog categorically mentioned my own visits do not count!

A very warm thank you to all of you who have been sending me encouraging emails as well as commenting here on the blog itself. I value all your suggestions and I do hope that I am able to post atleast one new post every week for starters.  Thank you for the visits as they have served to keep my morale high and cheer me up during this very busy week!

I am still thinking on what to write next, and struggling with various drafts on various topics which I haven’t yet completed to be uploaded on the website! Eeeeks.  However, my Tao of Pooh keeps reminding me, ‘Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.’

I hope to get there too some day.  Until then, please bear with me.

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  1. Dear Shaista jee,
    The blogs have been great. Keep them coming! Do try to come up with some ideas on working mothers and their coping strategies in any of your next blogs.

  2. Hi Shaista! So, this was the blog you were talking about. I’m so glad to see your blog space. I know many people, including myself, set into an “auto pilot” (an expression i read somewhere in your blog) who used to love to write and read, but have no energy or the time to do it anymore. It is lovely to see you going back to doing what you love doing. It breaks the dull monotinity of life and work, and gives you back that self-confidence that one thinks one’s lost amongst other inane activities of life!! Keep going…we hope to see many more interesting blogs coming up. All best!

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