Agha Shair Qizilbash


The latest weekend me-time project at hand is this – compiling the work of my mother’s dada (My maternal great grand father) Agha Shair Qizilbash. Not just for posterity’s sake, but because I was always fascinated by the first man in history to have translated the Quran in poetry!

I finally got hold of his publications, am so excited!

Bookmark this page:

Hope you will enjoy the exciting journey with me, as I explore the work of my Great maternal Grand Father.  This page will grow, slowly but steadily, one Sunday at a time. Fingers Crossed!





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    • Dear Nadir, I only just saw your comment. Sorry about the delay.

      Regarding your request, I have a couple of rare printed books acquired from my nani, (not complete Manzoom Tarjuma though, just two books/siparas) which I am trying to compile on this page:

      Due to my ongoing obligations, I am afraid I am not regular! But Im trying. You may subscribe to the feed on this page, so everytime I post a blog, you can receive an email.

      thanks and regards

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